Sliding Gates

Manual or automated opening, the sliding gate is a popular choice with ease of opening making access easy without compromising security.

Popular Solution in Multiple Situations

Space Saving with Tidy Opening

Controlled Opening in Windy Situations


Our sliding gates are the #1 most popular choice when it comes to a highly functional, simple and stylish entry for access to your property.


Sturdy yet easy to manoeuvre, they’re the perfect solution if you have space restrictions and don’t have room for a swing gate, which typically requires more room and takes up valuable parking space. And with no easily accessible rolling wheels to catch fingers or toes, they’re an ideal and safe option for homes with children and pets as well.

  • Easy of use. Whether it’s manual or automated opening, the sliding gate takes is a one step process with little effort required for entrance.

  • Ideal for space restricted properties. Swing gates have limited use due to the operator, approx. 120 degrees max for actuators.
  • Perfect for awkward driveways that enter on angles may not be able to be fitted with swing gate openers.
  • Slides on wheels within a track, to avoid damage from contract with the ground.
  • Smoother operation on windy days. Gusts of wind can affect swing gate operation.


With easy upgrades (we can automate your existing manual gate), our sliding gates will provide you with the security you need as well as a terrific exterior enhancement to your property.

All of our gates are custom made to make your access point the perfect entrance – choose from a wide range of classic and contemporary designs and colours, as well as cladding in both wood and metal.


Conventional Sliding Gates

Conventional Sliders do not take up valuable car parking space as do swing gates, but require a concrete footing for the gate opener and opening section of gate ground track.

Cantilever Sliders

Cantilever Slivers do not require and ground track – they are supported by “Carry Posts” and support rollers. Cantilever sliders are useful if you do not want a concrete footing in your yard or if there is no suitably paved driveway. Other applications are for industrial gates where ground track is prohibited due to fork lift operation, soft bitumen / paving, uneven driveway or very heavy machinery.

Telescopic Sliding Gates / Wire Pull Gates

Telescopic Slider and Wire Pull Gates are for applications where the opening area is smaller than the closing / driveway area – more and more properties now days have very small frontages and this type of slider is becoming very popular. Please get us involved early in your planning stages to make sure this type of gate will work for you.

Bi-parting Sliding Gates

Bi-parting Sliders can also be used where the driveway is wider than the opening. You will need sufficient room for part of the gate to open in one direction and enough room for the other part to open in the opposite direction.

50/50 – 75/25 Combination Gates

You can have any combination of the sliders listed above, but remember to allow for the gate opener position on top of the gate opening or the gate opener will have to be set on the edge of your driveway. Two gate openers and a conduit under the driveway is also required for proper installation.

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