Make a grand entrance with a timeless swing gate. Swing gates do require space but definitely project the essence of a flowing entrance.

Traditionally Elegant Entrance

Cost effective option

Less maintenance required

Classic & Functional

The classic swing gate provides robust and elegant security for properties, especially those with more room and longer driveways.


While sliding gates are an effective option for tight spaces, swing gates typically open inwards, requiring significantly more space to provide for the swing radius. We build with solid adjustable maintenance free hinges, while other types of hinges will require regular oiling or grease to the bearings.

  • Less maintenance – few moving parts, less opportunity for wear and tear, especially if it’s a manual gate (sliding gate tracks must be kept clean and free of debris)
  • Can be a cost effective solution for the budget conscious.
  • Can be single swing or double swing, offering a smaller swing radius
  • Can be operated manually or with automatic controller
  • Ideal for big properties looking for a classic and traditional look.


Inward swing gates pull open from the inside of the gate. For manual and automated inward swing gates, we require “solid” hinge posts, preferably minimum – 100 x 100 with a minimum of 120 mm between the inside edge of the post and any wall / fencing behind the open gate inside the swing area. 

This will allow room for the actuator to pull the gate open to 90 degrees and not obstruct the driveway.


Outward swing gates push open from the inside of the gate. Outward swing gates  do not need the same “space” as inward swing gates, as the gate opener will be on the inside on top of the driveway.

The gate opener pushes the gate open and will take up a small amount of room in the driveway alongside of the hinge post, lessening the actual vehicle width.

Note that “out swing” gates are not legal if they open onto or across the footpath – don’t forget to allow for this in your planning.

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