Pedestrian Gates

Whether you’re looking to add a stylish pedestrian entrance to your property, add security or create privacy, a pedestrian gate can be a multi-functional, elegant and practical access solution in a number of situations.

Add Style and Function to Your Entry

Increased Sense of Security

Automate for Easy Visitor Entry

Swing Gate Functionality

Pedestrian Gates are highly versatile and can be constructed or clad in a variety of materials to add curb appeal to your home or building.

Benefits of Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian Gates can provide a multitude of benefits to a property in a variety of ways. As with any gate or fence the existing environment effects which application may be best. 

  • A stylish design focus for your property entrance way.
  • Additional security – restrict foot access to your property from trespassers or unsolicited visitors.
  • Discreetly hide certain utility areas and equipment, such as bin spaces, mechanical equipment, water tanks and sheds.
  • Create privacy or partition areas to create defined spaces.


Opening can be manual, electronic or fully automated for hands free access (convenient for wheelchair access).

For full convenience and near hands free operation, pedestrian gates can also be fully automated to open and close without having to push or pull the gate.

Locking options range from no lock or lockable via key access, electronic latching, user pin, swipe card or intercom, making them an excellent addition to residential complexes.

Our #1 most popular request for pedestrian gates is one with self-closing hinges and electronic latching. Access to a power supply is required for this and a conduit is needed from the latch side on the pier or gate post to the power supply and switch / intercom.

Another recently developed product for locking pedestrian gates is the digital mechanical latch. This latch has a pin code where when entered will unlock the latch. No power is required for this type of device.

Inward or Outward Swing

Swing gates typically open inwards if the area inside the gate is level or sloping away.

If you wish to automate inward swing pedestrian gates (pull to open) we require “solid” hinge posts, preferably 100 x 100 with a minimum of 120 mm between the inside edge of the post and any wall/fencing behind the gate inside the swing area.  This will allow room for the actuator to pull the gate open to 90 degrees and not obstruct the path.

If the area inside the gate rises – that will not allow the gate to open – an outward swing gate will be your best solution. Outward swing gates (push to open) will not need the space required for inward swing gates, as the gate opener is positioned on the inside of the gate.

Please remember that “out swing” gates are not legal if they open onto or across the footpath, which you should allow for in your planning; You will need to set you gate position back inside your property to allow the full length of the gate leaf to open out and not obstruct the footpath

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