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Gate Accessories


We carry a wide range of high quality products from automatic gate openers and spare parts, to remotes and intercoms from brands including ECA Electronic Engineering, Centsys and Nice.

Below is a selection of accessories we can assist you with:

Safety Beams & Photo Electric Cells

One set is required for domestic sliders but two sets are required for swing gates to protect the swing area. Four sets are required for driveways that traffic trucks and other high clearance vehicles.

Having these safety beams fitted also allows you to select automatic closing of the gates – you can drive off knowing that the gates will soon close behind you.


Transmitters that can work up to 750 meters from the gate controller. One, two and four button remotes are common. Centsys has a six button remote if required for those large sites. This
remote is very sturdy and highly recommended.

Please ensure that the transmitter light flashes when you press the remote button. Replace the battery if it does not flash or purchase a new remote. These remotes are not infrared
transmitters like your TV remote; they require a full one second press to operate properly and send the signal to the receiver.

Note – automatic gates must not be operated from “out of view” unless the gates controller has been fitted with safety devices and “condo” function. If triggered without these features, you may close the gate on a child or car. It must be clear from obstructions, persons and pets.

Stand Alone Receivers

Used for syncing of other gates and doors to the one remote.

Free Exit Loop

An induction loop with a detector to sense a vehicle and automatically trigger the open function in the gate controller.


Preset times for the gate to open and stay open and times for the gate to close and stay closed until the controller gets another open function from another device.

Code Pads

A digital pad that some brands can be programmed up to 1000 users to trigger the gate open feature.

Swipe Readers

Magnetic swipe cards or FOBS can be used to trigger the open function – readers can be wired to computers for very strict access control, recording each user’s movements and time


Wired voice only, standard video and now the latest development: a wireless GSM sim card operated intercom that can call you anywhere in the world where you phone will work – you take the call and decide on opening the gate for your visitor. Wires are required only for power and switching of the gate. We do not support any other wireless intercom system but we are regularly
testing them as they become available.

GSM Switching Devices

GSM switching devices are SIM card switches that trigger the controller from text or phone calls, allowing you to open your gate with your phone at no cost for the call (charges for the sim card will apply). These devices can also be used to trigger pumps, lights and other appliances for complete monitoring and control at your fingertips. They will also send you a text advising you of mains power failure or if your alarm has been activated.

Boom Gates

Manual and automatic high volume traffic barriers. Barrier fencing for use with boom gates.

Roadway Spikes

For high volume access control – above road surface mounted direct or independent drive models.

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